Ticketless parking: how does it work?

Finding a car space has never been easier.

Our new modern parking is a timed and ticketless system based on licence plate recognition.

On entry there is no boom gate or tickets given so you can drive straight in with a digital board displaying your arrival time.

Once inside, you can easily find available spaces with the parking guidance technology green and red light indicators showing you where to park. Real-time electronic display boards will also guide you to available car parking spaces indicating the direction and quantity available.

When you are ready to leave, if your visit is within 2 hours, you’ll enjoy free parking and you can simply proceed to any exit, the parking system will recognise your licence plate and the boom gate will raise automatically – it’s that easy.

If you stay longer than 2 hours, simply pay for your parking at any of the automated pay stations in the centre by entering your licence plate details and paying via credit or debit card or cash. Drive to any exit where the parking system will recognise your licence plate and the boom gate will raise automatically.

Customers who spend more than $30 in either Coles or Woolworths, will also be able to park for an additional 30 minutes FREE of charge (2.5 hours FREE in total), simply by scanning their shopping receipt at the automated pay station before exiting.

Alternatively register your details with us and simply drive to any exit and if there are any parking fees, you’ll enjoy quick drive in, drive out convenience as we’ll automatically charge your credit card. You can view your transactions in your online account at parking.vicinity.com.au

Download full information brochure here.